Adivinen quién no viene a cenar…


Hola tertulianos:

¿Se acuerdan de aquella película, me prece que de finales de los sesentas, “Adivina quién viene a cenar”, en donde Sidney Poitier interpreta a la pareja de una chica blanca que saca de onda a sus padres cuando les presenta a su novio? Aquí les dejo un comentario en el Post que “juega” con ese título para referirse a una escena “de la vida real” que resulta altamente surresalista. Uno de los protagonistas es Bush, el otro… ya lo verán.

Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner?

 The historic visit to Washington this week by Pope Benedict XVI is a big event for millions of Americans, including President Bush and first lady Laura Bush.


The first couple will greet the pontiff as he arrives at Andrews Air Force Base on Tuesday afternoon, followed by a ceremony and private meeting at the White House the next day. Then comes a final event Wednesday night in the East Room, when the Bushes will host a dinner in honor of His Holiness.


Only one thing will be missing: the pope.


“I’m sorry, the pope doesn’t attend a dinner in his honor?” one reporter asked White House spokesman Scott Stanzel during a briefing last week.


“No,” Stanzel replied.


“How does that work?”


“He doesn’t come into the building.”


“But then it’s not a dinner for the pope, is it?”


“It’s in honor of his visit,” Stanzel explained. “There will be leaders from the Catholic community from all over the country who are in town for that visit.”


White House aides attribute the pontiff’s absence from the dinner to a busy schedule during his first visit to the United States. Wednesday also happens to be Pope Benedict’s 81st birthday.


His scheduled events include a visit to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Northeast on Wednesday afternoon, Mass at Nationals Park on Thursday morning and a visit to Catholic University that afternoon. The pope is to fly to New York on Friday morning; Vice Presi dent Cheney will fly north next weekend to bid the pontiff farewell.


Benedict will be only the second pope to visit the White House. Pope John Paul II was hosted by President Jimmy Carter in October 1979.


The Wedding Planners?


Speaking of big events, preparations are in high gear for the May 10 wedding at the Bush family ranch in Crawford, Tex., of Jenna Bush and Henry Hager.


But the Bush family and the White House have been tightlipped about the details, including whether a visit to the ranch this weekend by the president and first lady had any connection to nuptials planning.


Stanzel, during a Friday briefing in Crawford, said that “they may be making preparations for that,” but wouldn’t go into details.


“I know the president today was planning on clearing some brush and doing some things that he often does when he’s here, and maybe the brush- clearing has something to do with those plans,” Stanzel said, drawing laughter from the small corps of reporters.



As it happened, a good portion of the Bush family was in town, including former president George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, and former Florida governor Jeb Bush and his wife, Columba. All attended a $3.5 million GOP fundraiser Friday evening at the neighboring Broken Spoke Ranch.


But Sally McDonough, Laura Bush’s press secretary, noted that Jenna was not in Crawford over the weekend, and that “her uncle and aunt are not intimately involved in the wedding planning.”


Whoever’s planning things, it doesn’t appear to be President Bush. “I have nothing to say about it,” Bush joked during a February television interview, adding: “They’re letting me spend money.”


‘Fired Up’ at the West Wing


Like most press secretaries, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino spends much of her time trying to comment coolly and calmly on the news of the day.


But Perino appeared to be angry last Wednesday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she would move to block a vote on the Colombia free trade agreement, which Bush submitted to Congress earlier in the week.


Perino said it was an “awful precedent,” that the administration had worked “tirelessly” to meet Democratic demands, and that “any sense of good faith in our process of negotiating trade has evaporated.” She accused Pelosi of avoiding a vote for fear of losing, and alleged that Democrats are bowing to unions and other “special interests” in opposing the deal.


“You sound a little angry,” a reporter said. “Is the White House angry?”


“I think we’re pretty fired up about it,” Perino said.


Pelosi and House Democrats followed through with their threat on Thursday, voting 224 to 195 to delay consideration of the Colombia pact. The vote will probably end any chance of a decision on the agreement during the remainder of Bush’s term.


The Naked Truth About the Vice President


Online blogs and gossip sites were aflutter late last week with speculation that — gasp! — a photograph of Cheney released by the White House appeared to show a naked figure, perhaps a woman, reflected in his sunglasses.


Generally, of course, it must be true if it’s on the Internet. But alas, not in this case.


The White House — using top-secret technology available to, well, anyone — released a blown-up version of the offending reflection, showing it to be a decidedly unsexy vice presidential arm holding a fishing pole.


From Bush, More Personal History


President Bush last week talked about his past drinking problems during a signing ceremony for legislation to provide assistance to ex-convicts. The remarks marked the third time in several months that Bush has made reference to a drinking problem as a young man.


During a visit to a church-run prisoner assistance program in Baltimore on Jan. 29, Bush said “addiction is hard to overcome.”


“As you might remember, I drank too much at one time in my life,” Bush said during that visit. “I understand faith-based programs. I understand that sometimes you can find the inspiration from a higher power to solve an addiction problem.”


Bush has talked over the years about his struggles with alcohol before he quit in 1986, when he woke up with a hangover from celebrating his 40th birthday.


Lovin’ Lieberman



4 Replies to “Adivinen quién no viene a cenar…”

  1. Sera el efecto “lame duck,” o como se diria el castellano “el bajo perfil de un presidente saliente.” Por otra parte me pregunto el verdadero motivo de la vista papal. Viene el Papa a apretarle las tuercas a los arzobispos que han solapado a los sacerdotes pedofilos? Viene a controlar el creciente bullicio para incluir a las mujeres en “papeles protagonicos” en la iglesia? Piensenle chicos.

  2. Estoy de acuerdo con xsibaja.

    Vemos el efecto “lame duck” de Bush, pero también esa escena surrealista en que tratará de capitalizar electoralmente la visita papal reuniéndose con la jerarquía católica pero en ausencia del Papa. La verdad no sabía que alguien como Bush -o más bien su equipo- fuera capaz de un comportamiento tan “surrealista” (jeje).

    Pero hay mucho más para reflexionar sobre la visita de Benedicto. Parece que tiene pensado un pronunciamiento sobre migración. Eso sería interesante por lo que xsibaja me ha comentado sobre el obispo de Los Angeles. ¿Querrías recordarlo para los lectores del blog?

  3. Of course,

    Haciendo un poco de memoria, recordemos las manifestaciones en Marzo del 2006 a razon de una iniciativa dentro del congreso de Kansas. Esta iniciativa declaraba casi todos los aspectos de la vida diaria del inmigrante como delitos graves, entre elllos conducir un auto. Sin embargo, por primera vez en la historia del pais, la iniciativa tambien pretendia castigar a toda persona que diera ayuda solidaria al inmigrante. En este caso alimentos y techo. Y esto fue el error.

    El contexto de la reaccion de los grupos de derechos humanos, esta en que estos en gran parte estan afilliados a grupos caritativos conectados con iglesias cristianas. Las iglesias en esta pais manejan enormes recursos financieros para la asistencia a los mas necesitados. El diairo Journal of Philantrophy establece que las agencias no gubernamentales representan el tercio de la economia o $209 billones anuales. La mitad de estos recursos son manejados por grupos de asistencia social. Por ello la medida afectaba enormente a este sector. Pero hay otro angulo a este contexto.

    La iglesia catolica en los Estados Unidos desde los 60’s se perfilaba en declive. Sin embargo con la llegada de millones de inmigrantes Latinos, la iglesia ha experimentado un renacimiento especialmente en el suroueste, y aun mas en California. El cardenal Roger Mahoney es el arquitecto de la nueva iglesia con sabor Latino.

    Activista desde los tiempos de Cesar Chavez, Mahoney logra irritar a clerigos conservadores y a religiosos protestantes, por su estilo competitivo-aplanadora. Mahoney entendio que el crecimeinto estaba en la diocesis de Los Angeles, y no en el Este del pais como tradicionalmente sucedia. Por ello Mahoney no tuvo empacho en demonstrar el poder de la diocesis mas grande del pais, mandando a construir una formidable catedral, “un pie mas alta, y mas larga que San Patricio”, como el mismo promovia.

    La manera en que conujp el proyecto tambien irrito a lideres comunitarios al haber pedido a la Alcaldia de Los Angeles, le vendiera un predio en pleno centro de la ciudad por $5 millones. Una bicoca en terminos de mercado. Torciendo los brazos de los politicos catolicos Mahoney se sale con la suya y erige un edificio de mas de $250 millones, recaudando esta suma en tiempo record. P

    Por ello no fue coincidencia que ciudadnaos empezaran a atacar a Mahoney por alcahuete de sacerdites pedofilos, despilfarador, y por extravagante. Mahoney es un tipo muy distinguido, y si no vistera la sotana y el collarin, de seguro utilizaria un gasne.

    En este escenario un Domingo de Marzo Mahoney invita a los medios “a misa,” y durante el sermon Mahoney acusa a todos los politicos anti-inmigrantes de estar alejados de Dios, por no tener la condicion basica para llamarse cristiano, y esta es el sentido de la caridad. De ahi, Mahoney invita a la ciudadania a revelarse en contra de esta ley inmoral. Al dia siguiente las principales estaciones de radio en Espanol invitan a la ciudadania a manifestarse , resultado en actos masivos sin precedente en el pais, y el resto es historia.

  4. Muy interesante la descripción, xsibaja.

    Pues bien, el Papa no fue a cenar, pero sí se ‘placeó’ ampliamente con Bush en la Casa Blanca.

    Ahora habrá que esperar a ver cuáles son los efectos que las imágenes y los mensajes coordinados en materia de migración pudieran tener en el electorado de EU.

    Claro, tampoco habrá que descuidar la reacción del ala dura de los republicanos, que no son muy afectos a los migrantes.


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